Note that, the term is not synonymous with that of a semi acoustic guitar which is conceptually an electric guitar but, with the addition of sound chambers within the guitar body. While we are on the elecoustic guitars, we thought, we would take a moment to review a guitar that has to be one of the best deals that is going around; Yamaha’s fantastic CG171SF Flamenco Acoustic Electric Guitar.


A Classic:

The Yamaha CG171SF Guitar is designed to meet the demands of today’s flamenco guitars with its amazing lower action, cut away and superb craftsmanship. The traditional round shouldered and small body guitar sports a solid European Spruce top with Cypress sides and rear with a subtle natural finishing. Both of the woods have got a beautiful golden shade that is the best in person than what you can see in the image. The soundhole possesses a exceedingly decorated decal rosette, with ornamental binding that graces through the fascia and rear of the instrument. In addition to this, a pretty band runs down the rear from heel to base.


With thy construction, you will realise that it has drawn on the vast knowledge and techniques of Yamaha’s brains. The CG171SF Flamenco Acoustic Electric Guitar and some of the other CG series guitars have been planned with faintly slimmer rear and sides, and also a slimmer neck in order to increase the playability. With a light weighted body, offering better control and volume. This is a very beautiful little guitar nicely finished in a high-gloss.


Bridge and Pickguard:

The Yamaha CG171SF Flamenco Guitar sports the traditional bridge that is a simple rectangle with an ornamental block at the back of the saddle through which the nylon strings are threaded and tied off. And the saddle is a horizontal blade of plastic with slight recompense at the third string. Coming to the pickguard, there are in fact, 2 available and they are invisible. One is beneath the strings and above them, each of them made from a very slender translucent plastic. The playing style of flamenco leads to a lot of wear in both these areas, so these scratch plates will keep this guitar looking gorgeous with minimal intrusion to the sound. You will not find any strap buttons as the flamenco style stresses that you hold your guitar without the support of a strap.


With a great deal of research and experiments, the company has managed to successfully blend the most critical and best aspect of conventional Spanish guitar making practices with contemporary guitar manufacturing processes. And, these methods include a complete quality check system that guarantees that each guitar is of the highest possible standards. The major features of the CG171SF Flamenco guitar include the Solid spruce top, cypress back and sides, nato neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, wood back and side inlays, transparent pickguard and a natural gloss finishing.


There are three straight gold tinted tuners that are placed on the side edges of the headstock. Their capstans occupy the slots in the headstock. We found the knobs to be very ornamental and the metal parts of the mounting are also decorated with imprinted roses and leaves. These attractive conventional machine tuners worked in a very smooth and accurate way. The slotted headstock is faced with rosewood and also sports some sparse engrave decoration.


The rosewood fretboard has an excellent flat profile which is technically an infinite radius. There are no fret markers on the fascia and only the fifth and seventh frets are marked on the side of the neck. And, all this means that you definitely need to know your stuff to play this guitar. The standard medium fretwire has been polished nicely and also offers a positive playing feel against the nylon strings.

Headstock and Neck:

The slotted headstock is faced with rosewood and also sports some sparse engraved decoration. The nut plastic nut has a good finishing and cut accurately. The Nato neck employed has a wide dimension that is usually linked with flamenco and classical playing and this also means that the guitar is only truly suited for some specific styles of playing. It also has a beautiful honey brown colouring.

Sound and Action:

The Yamaha CG171SF Flamenco Acoustic Electric Guitar has a superb low action from the box and unfortunately, there is no option to adjust the action of the instrument. The honey hue finishing of the body is complemented by the honey like tones from the nylon strings. It is a real delight to play staccato and percussive styles as each note dies quickly and plainly leaving space for the next. The guitar sounds quite warm and clear, which is usually found only on a very expensive guitar, and it manages to do so in a consistent way and anything at all, it only manages to get better as it ages. 


The CG171SF makes us feel that Yamaha’s classical guitar craftsmen learned the fine art of guitar making directly from the masters. And yes, with the guidance of Manuel Hernandez and Eduraro Ferrer, the craftsmen of Yamaha have got the talent that have been handed down from master to trainee for generations and these acquired skills have been used in the making of each and every Yamaha guitar.

The quality of the guitar is apparent from the moment you see it and the sound it delivers is a sweet version of the traditional tones you would expect in this classical style of guitar. The final result is that, Yamaha has bought to you an instrument that delivers both outstanding quality and performance, that too at a cost that is hard to beat. The Yamaha CG171SF Flamenco Acoustic Electric Guitar is currently the best classical guitar in the market.


Yamaha offers the CG171SF Flamenco Acoustic Electric Guitar limited lifetime warranty.

Yamaha CG171SF Flamenco Guitar – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Yamaha
Series CG Series
Model Number CG171SF
Model Name Yamaha CG171SF Flamenco Acoustic Electric Guitar
Guitar Type Acoustic Electric Guitar
Colour Natural
Finish Gloss
Top Solid Spruce
Sides and Back Cypress
Finger board Rosewood
Bridge Rosewood
Neck Nato
Pickguard Transparent pickguard
Inlay Wood Back Center Inlay
Wood Side Bottom Inlay
Body Depth 3.7 – 3.94
Nut Width 2.05
Scale 25.6
Tuners Gold
Case No
Soundhole Highly decorated decal rosette
Additional feature Yamaha 2-Way Preamp with Piezo Pickup and Condensor
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty