The JHS SBE34OFT SpongeBob 3/4 size electric guitar has a single conductive coil pick up, and sports its own in built amplifier, along with the onboard speaker. All this is powered by a 9 Volt battery which is also decked on the guitar body. There is an output jack socket or connecting the instrument to an external amplifier and also flaunts a unique mini jack input socket. This means, that a user can play the JHS SBE34OFT SpongeBob ¾ electric guitar after connecting it to an external amplifier or they can also privately connect it to the headphones, using the mini jack input located on the guitar body. Overall, with the chick look, the bright and colourful body, the on deck features and excellent finishing, this member of the John Hornby Skewes’ SpongeBob ¾ size electric guitar range, scores quite high in the outlook and stylization factor.

Performance Factors:

The Bridge problem:
The overall build of the JHS SBE34OFT electric guitar is quite appreciable, though it has one very prominent flaw, which is quite a disappointment, if users are looking forward to play some real tunes with this guitar. The screws that are used in the bridge are quite longer than required and so, due to the inappropriate size they tend to foul the strings. This is a huge problem, as tuning the guitar with the presence of these extra long screws can be quite a hectic job. It is advisable for the users, that if they get hold of this instrument, they should replace the longer screws in the bridge, with comparatively shorter ones. This would really be manageable and would help the users with the tuning problem.

JHS SBE34OFT SpongeBob Electric Guitar

The Faulty Factory Strings:
The default strings, attached from the factory are another problematic issue, which might trouble the users soon after they buy the JHS SBE34OFT SpongeBob electric guitar. The strings provided from the factory are light gauged, and the lower E, that is the first string, has a very low tension. This is again a factor which is highly responsible for the tuning of a guitar. Thus with these light weight strings, users might have a problem to tune the guitar in E. It is more convenient if the users replace these factory strings with a set of heavy gauge strings soon after getting hold of this instrument. This will keep a high tension in the strings, and will also make it easier and more convenient for the users to tune the instrument. If at all, the factory provided default strings are used, it is advisable, that the guitar is tuned in F# scale. This is bound to make quite an improvement, as the tenacity is increased to some extent, which would help the instrument to hold the tune for long, without getting de-tuned very easily.

The Sound Factor:
With a built in amplifier and an on board speaker, charged by a decked battery of 9 Volts, it is expected that this plaything would produce quite a loud sound. The JHS SBE34OFT Metallic Finish Guitar does not really disappoint us on the volume factor. It is truly quite loud enough coming from a rather cut away sized instrument manufactured basically for children. The sound output quality from the on deck speaker is average. The audio quality is rather a bit distorted, which is quite natural, and negligible considering the make and target of the instrument. Though, with increase in volume, the audio quality deteriorates, as the distortion along with static sounds tend to increase. The volume controller knob might also work weird. At volume level Zero ( 0 ), the sound is off, whereas at volume level One ( 1 ), the volume suddenly shoots up. But then, with increase in volume values, the power of the sound output is not equally proportional and at around volume level Seven ( 7 ) or Eight ( 8 ), the sound tends to cut off at times.

Although with these submissive problems, the basic sound output quality through the amplifier or through the headphones is much better and clear. The basic problem with the volume pot is, in all probabilities, the linear pot module, which renders the progression of the volume pot. This problem can also be fixed, if the linear pot is replaced, and in its place, a log pot is used. Concluding it, the sonority, the audio quality and the power is moderate and is about average. But then, in a instrument, which is basically designed for beginners and children, one would not obviously expect high class technical features. Thus, the Sound factor is good enough and suitable for the JHS SBE34OFT SpongeBob ¾ size electric guitar outfit, though with slight changes and modifications, users can evolve this instrument for a better feel and sound quality.

In the Box:

Other than the JHS SBE34OFT electric guitar, the other box accessories included are:

A guitar cover or guitar carry bag.
Pick or Plectrum.
A Strap – The strap provided by the manufacturer is not of a very high quality and the longevity is not much. The usage of cheap materials might be responsible for this, and the strap tends to wear off pretty soon, within a few days of usage.
A tutorial DVD for beginners. Users can watch the DVD to learn to pickup tunes on the instrument, or can also gather knowledge about the theoretical basics.

The Manufacturer provides a 1 year base warranty for the John Hornby Skewes’ JHS SBE34OF SpongeBob ¾ size Electric Guitar Outfit.


The JHS SBE34OFT SpongeBob ¾ size Electric Guitar outfit is a really good and impressive starter set and is quite apt for beginners. The outlook and the customization is quite appreciable, with a modern day funky look. The guitar is well built, and the sound quality is also appreciable considering the make of this guitar. There are a few flaws, to start with, the faulty and extra long screws used in the bridge and the low tenacity light weight strings provided by the manager are a drawback, which also makes it difficult for the user to tune the guitar. The on board speaker is quite up to the mark, even though it is commendable that the linear volume pot be replaced by a log volume pot. The distortion from the speaker is not much of a distraction, and to balance that, the audio output quality through the headphones or amplifiers is quite clear and loud.

Though, there are faults with this instrument, all of them can be modified or corrected very easily, and anyway, a guitar designed basically as a starter set for beginners and children has quite outdone the expectations and is almost like a real big thing. Thus, concluding it all, with reasonable price range, chick cosmetics, well inhibited features and with the minor faults in the outlay which can be amended very easily, this John Hornby Skewes ¾ size electric guitar, in the SpongeBob outfit line up, is a very good buy for the users. And for children and beginners, this is probably one of the better instruments available in the market which is very close to the real big thing.

JHS SBE34OFT Electric Guitar Outfit – Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer John Hornby Skewes
Binding Electronics
Product SpongeBob ¾ size Electric Guitar Outfit
Model Number JHS SBE34OFT
Design SpongeBob Square Pants
Item Weight 3 kilograms
Box Weight 4.1 kilograms
Body Finish Metallic
Fret Board Maple neck
Pickup Single Coil
Notable Features In built speaker;
In built amplifier
Battery 9 Volts, On deck
Sockets Normal output jack socket – for external amplifier;
Mini input jack socket – for headphones
Warranty 1 year Manufacturer’s guarantee