Electric guitars are considered to be one of the coolest instruments among the kids. These guitars usually come in four sizes, which includes full (4/4), ¾, ½ and ¼. While the full size guitars are for the adults those are the packages that usually have most of the choices to choose from. The other three sizes, ¾, ½ and ¼ are for the kids. The choice and selection are much narrow in the smaller guitars, that is the ¾ and ½ size guitars. The guitar should not be too long a reach that it strains the wrist of the kid. You must not make a guitar selection for your kid based on the age specified by the manufacturer alone as their guidelines are generalised and may overlap. So, if the kid is tall or short for their age, or entering the next group very soon, consider the variables. Choosing the right guitar for your kid totally depends on the arm’s reach of your child.

Candy Rox kids Pink Electric Guitar

A little girl’s dream:

In the following review, we will be seeing about the Candy Rox ¾ size electric guitar for kids. Tough we had mentioned in general that it is a kid’s guitar, it will surely not be the taste of your little boy. Aimed at the younger kids, this guitar is a massive hit among the inspiring rock chicks. Which girl on earth would not love to have a baby pink guitar with gorgeous flowers and rainbow imprints? And this Candy Rox guitar is exactly the model that suites the description.

The design and features:

This ¾ size guitar looks extremely cute and it will be very hard for you to stop your girl to go past one without asking for it. The adjustable rainbow strap is absolutely beautiful looks great with the guitar. Design wise, everything about the guitar is incredible. This pink guitar comes with a tremolo arm, giving it the sound of a classic electric guitar. It has a purple guitar lead of length 10 feet. The strings are nickel and flatwound.

Amplifier and Tutorial DVD:

The ten watt purple amplifier from Rockburn goes well with the guitar and the Amp controls include overdrive, EQ and a headphone socket. With the headphone socket available the kid can practice and play at her own pace without disturbing the other activities in her surroundings. T he tutorial DVD that comes with the guitar will aid your kid, step by step.

Candy Rox kids Pink Electric Guitar Package

Complete package:

The Candy Rox ¾ children Electric Guitar Pink comes in as a complete package for the beginners. The package includes a 10 watt Rockburn amp with EQ and headphone socket, adjustable rainbow strap, three meter purple guitar lead, tremolo arm, purple gig bag, spare set of strings and a learn to play guitar DVD.


The guitar is best suited for kids above nine years of age.


The Candy Rox ¾ children Electric Guitar comes with one year limited warranty.


Have a cute girl who wants to learn to play guitar with a cute one, the Candy Rox ¾ size guitar is the best that you can gift her with.

Washburn Disney Hannah Montana 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Specifications

Manufacturer Washburn
Model Name Washburn Hannah Montana 3/4 Electric Guitar
Model number HMDE34
Dimensions (HXWXD) 12.8 x 3 x 36 inches
Body Hardwood body
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Bridge Telecaster-style
Frets Nickel/Silver frets
Volume control Tele pickup set
Pick guard Yes
Package content Washburn Hannah Montana 3/4 Electric Guitar and
an Instrument cable
Feature Four colour box design
chrome-covered metal die cast
Hannah Montana Theme
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty